It is worth remembering that it is necessary to develop both brain hemispheres harmoniously since the early childhood. That’s why it is important to develop not only logic but creativity as well.


KSG Crafts products will help you to reach this aim. KSG Crafts is an English firm which is represented on the market for several decades. Their products are designed for children’s and their parents’ creative projects. You can find sequin and bead mosaics, gel mosaics and so on.


You will find many original ideas and wide choice of materials in this section.


We can’t distinguish any special position from this list even with our experience in sales. Each one is rather popular with our clients.


Finished project is not just trifle it can decorate your interior or become a holiday centerpiece. You and your child will express you individuality while working with our craft sets.


In our opinion the most important aspect in co-creation is communication with each other!


Mosaic with sparkles
The picture has a velvet base, on which sparkles are pricked by the scheme. First of all you have to put blue or black base with printed dors into polystyrene and tightly fasten each corner with a pin. ou should carefully place place sequins and beads and pin them with safety pins. It's easy to fix a mistake - just pull the pin and insert it correctly again.