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About us

Welcome to our internet store!


You’ve come to our website – so we can assume that you have got children. And that means that you will be dealing with all kind of toys for a very long time. Nothing can be better than seeing your own child engrossed in a play. So toys are an important part of your child’s life!


There is a huge amount of toys in the world and we strongly wish to help you find your own way in this great variety, so that your children’s playing environment would not only make them happy but would also help their development.

IQ Kids is a team of creatively thinking professionals, aimed at success. We enthusiastically search and select the best products for children; we try our best to show the kids and their parents the latest product of the “clever” toys’ market.


We are really proud that we managed to gather the majority of the best European and world exemplars of the toys’ industry in one place and we made them available for the majority of parents. We are happy that IQ Kids internet store and stands at the malls are not only our job and business, but also an exciting process! We grow and develop ourselves together with your children.


Despite the huge competition at the toys’ market, we are sure that our store is a great finding for responsible and involved parents. We regularly meet the same people – our clients come back to us again and again to buy clever and useful toys for their own and their friends’ children. We are very grateful for it!


Why is it worth buying here?


  • You can find more than 1000 different products for your child’s overall development.

  • All our toys have a great developmental potential, your child will play with them several months, even a year. They are high quality toys which can be given to your friends, neighbors and even grandchildren afterwards.


  • We have wonderful partnership with the best producers of the educational toys, that’s why we have an opportunity to offer you the most interesting and latest toys before the others. We regularly renew our store’s assortment.


  • All our toys are made in Europe. They are safe and they have European quality certificates. Many of them are made of 100% natural materials.


  • If you are buying toys for someone’s children and can’t choose the appropriate present, you have an opportunity to purchase a gift certificate (10, 15 and 20 EUR) from our internet store.


  • Our regular customers have an opportunity to use discounts. You get the Client’s card after the first purchase.


  • The most important: IQ Kids internet store means an ideal price-quality correlation. It’s impossible to get disappointed!