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IQ Kids: developing together

Your child is the most clever and the most talented!


Of course, you know it yourself, too. As a matter of fact every parent considers his child unique. And it is true! There are no typical or ordinary children. Every child resembles a clear sheet of paper and it depends on parents how s/he will develop physically and intellectually. The parents’ task is to create a necessary developing environment, where the baby could actualize all his gifts and talents.


IQ Kids’ founders and creators of the Internet store are sure that every single child possesses huge potential and a will to explore, which can be revealed with the help of educational games. It depends on parents what happens with that potential in future.


We are absolutely sure that learning process is useful if your child enjoys it. Maybe in some years the whole world will learn about your child!


You will find in our store everything that is necessary for exciting educational game, which is interesting for both adults and kids. There are:

  • logical thinking development games,
  • toys that reinforce tactile perception and active visual perception,
  • puzzles,
  • applications,
  • coloring books,
  • craft sets
  • and much more than that.


Our internet store is a real kingdom of carefully selected educational toys, which are recommended by IQ Kids stuff, who has years of experience in kids’ assortment. All the toys and games which are represented in our shop promote creative thinking, attention, concentration and communicability. Educational games improve memory; facilitate cognitive skill and other important skill development.


The most important: many games intend that the parents will join the child.

Due to such a creative dialogue your child will develop a full-fledged personality and will be always grateful for this communication, but you will always be an authority for him/her. Of course, if you win or at least manage to do the task!


IQ Kids store assortment is designed for different age groups.

You can find something interesting for toddlers (1-2 year old) as well as for primary school students (7-8 year old). Playing with our toys your kids (our own kids play with them, too) will develop themselves faster and more harmoniously.


All the toys are made of safe materials: your children will have only the best. We receive our products straight from trustworthy producers. When it regards the children we don’t allow any compromise on quality.


You can get acquainted with all products in the Assortment section.


You can ask your question here, just fill in the feedback form and our professionals will answer. We are sure that we’ll be able to give you a good advice and help make a choice. Thank you for your interest! We wish you pleasant and useful shopping!


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